Many industrial processes depend on being able to accurately measure and control product temperatures to achieve desired properties. Which makes more sense: Installing a temperature measurement system “on the cheap” that could end up costing you millions of dollars in poor product quality, or spending a few extra thou up-front to have the job done right?  It’s your company’s bottom line, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine the answer.

Profile: Ralph Rudolph (Rudy) was a Senior Research Scientist in charge of advanced temperature measurement systems at U.S.Steel’s Applied Research Lab (1972-1984) and at Bethlehem Steel’s Homer Research Lab (1984-2001). He was a member of ASTM E-20.02, was on loan to N.I.S.T as a researcher, lectured at N.I.S.T, has been a contributing author on temperature measurement techniques, has written training manuals, and has numerous patents in industrial instrumentation systems. He is a practical “hands-on”  type as well as a theoretician.  He is now retired, more or less and and is doing this as he feels there is a need for expertise in this poorly-understood field.   For more on his background, click on “profile” to your left.

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